Friday, 28 November 2014

The Raven Boys (Magge Stiefvater)

Hey there bookworms! I'm back and here with another review (finally)! I truly am sorry for the slow turnout of reviews on this blog, however I am quite busy with coursework at University - as I am typing this, we are at the one week mark until final exams; I am drowning in assignments and study notes. Despite the hectic environment right now, I have made the point of trying to read every night; only difference from normal is that by the time I get to bed, I just want to sleep - I only end up reading one chapter. But I'm here now and that's all that matters!

The Raven Boys is a supernatural, teen fiction novel by Maggie Stiefvater. She is the author of the Shiver-Linger-Forever-Sinner series that I absolutely raved about and therefore I was quite excited to start this series. And, as expected, Maggie did NOT disappoint! This book, the first of a new trilogy, was absolutely magnificent! The story follows the life of Blue, the daughter to a family of psychics, who doesn't have the ability to see like her family does; instead, she makes the "sight" stronger for those around her. In addition, the story follows a group of school boys who attend the pretentious school of Aglionby Academy; these boys have taken it upon themselves to solve the ancient task of waking a ley line. The two become entwined in the task when Blue experiences something new; something that only happens when those without "sight" are somehow directly tied to that individual.
The Book Cover
I don't want to give away anything to detailed as I enjoyed the suspense and growth that the novel provided to me as a reader. The build-up is really well written, the character development and character relationship growths are phenomenal, and the characters themselves are all very unique. I love when authors make a point of giving each and every character a personality, instead of just "cookie-cutter characters" as I like to call them.

I'm now currently reading the second novel in the series - The Dream Thieves - and am looking forward for the third and final novel - Blue Lily, Lily Blue - to be delivered to my library (it's on order currently).

Overall, I would rate The Raven Boys 5/5 because it was perfect! And I am definitely already feeling the same about the second novel so far!

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