Friday, 26 December 2014

The Dream Thieves (Maggie Stiefvater)

Another month has gone and past, but I am back from the land of the student zombies! Exams are over and that means I am finally free to breathe and read. The first thing I did was finish reading the sequel to The Raven Boys and I have to say, I couldn't put it down once I truly started it!

The Dream Thieves continues to follow the lives of Blue and the Raven Boys, as they work to repair the ley line that they desperately searched for in the first book. The ley line, which seemed to hold so strong in the first book, now seems to be draining as if an external source is squeezing it dry of all its powers. What is this external source? That's what they are trying to figure out. They need the ley line to continue their initial quest, and without it there is no hope in succeeding. As the story progresses, it seems to that one of the Raven Boys themselves might actually unknowingly have a part in the draining of the energy; but is he the only one capable of such things?
The suspense holds throughout the entirety of the novel and I must say, I didn't think Maggie could write a story better than the first book; but she did and it's incredible! I'm still not sure what it is about Maggie's writing that leaves me feeling completely consumed by the world that she creates, but whatever it is, wow! The characters feel so real when you read about them and they grow and feel just like people do in the land of the reality. This book allows you to really understand the characters and also see them come to terms with various things. I absolutely love it!

Overall, I would rate The Dream Thieves 5/5 because it was perfect! With two out of three books in the series receiving a perfect rating from me so far, I can't wait to begin reading the final installment! Definitely check out this series!
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