Sunday, 24 July 2016

In Vitro Lottery (Ed Ryder)

It has been quite some time since my last review and I am so sorry about that! As mentioned last time, I started a new co-op job which has become quite crazy in the last two weeks. I've been working a decent amount of overtime and the work has been physically demanding. What does that have to do with no reviews? It means I come home, shower, eat, and then fall asleep. But I have finished another book and I am back to tell you about it.

In Vitro Lottery by Ed Ryder is a science fiction novel about a world in which it costs to reproduce, after the Norwegian Death killed many people and a virus stopped natural reproduction. Now a company holds the fate of every family through the In Vitro Lottery. If your name is selected, you have the honour of receiving the treatment for free. However, when Kate wins the lottery, only to pass it to her sister Emily, something happens that makes her want to claim her prize and get close to the clinic head Victor Pearson. Why would she do that? Kate has some unfinished business she'd like to wrap up.

Now I started this book about halfway through June and I finished it last night. For me, that is a long time to spend on a single book; however, as mentioned above, I've been working and had little time to read. Despite that fact, I did find myself not wanting to pick up the book at times. Though the characters are written quite well, and the concept is something I definitely wanted to "wow" me, the plot line just didn't get there. I personally found the book to be choppy, jumping it's focus in a slightly confusing manner. The novel felt as though key elements had been written and then secondary elements were created later to fill in the gaps. Of course, this is a personal opinion, but I did struggle to become immersed into the book when the plot changed courses more times than necessary.

I will add, however, that the concept for the book was definitely strong and I loved the idea of it. The last 30 - 40 pages grabbed my attention and held onto it. I just wish the rest of the book had of been similar in style and pace.

Rating: 2/5
Reason: Amazing concept and characters. Lack of a mono-directional plot.

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