Wednesday, 19 October 2016

One Person's Craziness (R.T. Ojas)

It's been a while but I really am trying to get back to posting. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I had mentioned my lack of time for reading due to returning to school and being in a reader's block mindset. It's been a while since I picked up a book of my choosing (with the exception of Cursed Child) and I think it's effecting my enthusiasm unfortunately. Despite that, I will continue to slowly work through the novels that have been sent to me before taking a break from author-requested reviews. Without further ado, here's a new review!

One Person's Craziness by R.T. Ojas is a science fiction novella about Amoli and his unusual history. Amoli grew up on an isolated island among the Sarato people, where no one ever left the island's edges to the potential beyond the waves. During the annual Mazota festival, a strange event occurred that changed that: everyone disappeared except Amoli and his brother... or so they thought. The novella describes the events thereafter through the police investigative interview of which ends on quite a twist. Is Amoli crazy for thinking these events occurred or is the detective the one with the mind in make believe?

I read this novella during my co-op work placement this summer and I'd like the thank the author for providing me with something to help pass the time at work. The story was written quite well and the plot was definitely thought out. I loved the characters that Ojas created because each one had a different outlook on the mysterious events happening on their island. As the novella progressed, I'll admit that it made a turn in a direction that I did not expect and am still unsure as to whether I liked it or not. Minor spoiler: aliens. Now, I've watched movies with them and read other novels with them, but I'm truly not a huge fan of them. With that in mind, I guess you could say my opinion is slightly skewed towards a negative viewpoint; however, the novella did hold my attention.

Rating: 2.5/5
Reason: The writing was solid and the characters were believable; however, the plot ending is not something I can say made me dive into the novella even more.

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