Saturday, 27 February 2016

Foundation (Isaac Asimov)

Welcome back everyone! I'm continuing the journey through the beginning of science fiction as a genre and I have now entered the 'Golden Age' - so I learned in class. This age of science fiction is strongly recognized due to the work of Isaac Asimov, published in 1951.

Foundation is actually a series of books; however, with the time frame of my English course, we only read the first one. The novel takes place over hundreds of thousands of years in the Galaxy. The story begins in what time period with a psychohistorian by the name of Hari Seldon, a man who creates the Foundation - an organization thought to be creating an encyclopedia of the Empire's knowledge. However, as the universe becomes shaky, the truth is revealed for the Foundation's true purpose. Seldon predicted a series of crises and created the Foundation to reduce the impact as they arise. Though the Foundation faces many challenges, and tries to think on their own, their fate appears sealed by the predictions of one man. Does the Foundation complete it's mission, or will the resistance of the Empire stop them from creating something new?

The synopsis you just read was actually quite difficult to formulate because the story is quite confusing when you read it. The book itself is split into 5 parts, each in a unique time period and each with a different set of characters; you have to adapt quite quickly with each part of the novel. The characters within each part of the story are all very similar in the sense that they try to complete the same task and try to think how Seldon would have predicted them too. But you can also think of the civilizations - the Foundation, Empire, and four Kingdoms - to be macro-characters themselves. The book is very multi-leveled in the sense that you can gain different meaning and symbolism, depending on how deep you look into it.

I knew I wanted to share this book with you because it's a classic and quite defining for the genre of science fiction. The novel is extremely dated, since it came out in 1951, so the language can feel aged. But there's this unknown thing that keeps your attention grasped when you let the book do so; it just pulls you in. Of course, since this was for my English class, I did have to analyze it in the form of an essay. One of the main themes I pulled from it was how technology is a tool that, if developed enough, can create a forward moving society. Also, people approach technology different depending on how knowledgeable they are of it; they either view it with fear or wonder.

Overall I would rate Foundation 3.5/5 because (as with Wells) you have to give credit Asimov credit for creating a new age of science fiction. He also created the concept of psychohistory, which is pretty incredible. But, the story has aged quite visibly and a lot of times I didn't know what was going on.

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Monday, 15 February 2016

This or That (Book Tag)

Hello everyone!
Since my reviews are going to be further apart, due to lack of spare reading time, I decided to fill the void with some book tags and questions. 

I saw Sarah from ReadingMyDayAway do this tag and thought it looked fun :)

So on with the questions!

Audio or book in hand?

I am most definitely a 'book in hand' kind of person! Nothing beats the feel of the pages between your fingers.

Soft cover or hardback?

I like soft cover when traveling because it doesn't make my bag as heavy, but I do love a hardback book because I love the weight of a book in your hands when reading.

Fiction or nonfiction?

I typically only read fiction novels; if it is nonfiction, it's likely a textbook for school.

Fantasy or real life issues?

I like both. I know that's not how this tag works, but I like both!

Harry Potter or Twilight?

Harry Potter until the very end. Always.

Kindle, iPad, or other?

I don't own any sort of e-reader so it doesn't really apply. I would just have to answer Macbook because occasionally I'll read a PDF version.

Borrow or buy?

I mostly just borrow from the library because my student budget doesn't have the cash to build my own collection... yet! I want to have a bookshelf filled with my favourites one day.

Bookstore or online?

I like traveling to the bookstore and standing there in awe of all the incredible work that people have created. Though the last time I bought a book it was online...I needed it in a hurry for school.

Tell me once or total trilogy?

If the story is good enough... I like a trilogy. But recently I've been trying to move away from series and read 'tell me once' kind of novels; less commitment!

Monster read or short and sweet?

Depending on my schedule, I like a monster read. I love becoming invested in characters, their world, and their story.

Starry eyed romance or action packed?

Why not both? But if I had to pick, I'd prefer action packed because sometimes romance novels just remind me just how single I actually am!   

  Curl up in bed or bathe in the sun?

Curl up in bed! Nothing beats pj's, blankets, and a tea!

Hot chocolate or latte?

Hot chocolate because I don't drink coffee.

Read the review or decide for yourself?

Decide for myself - that's the whole point of this blog! I don't want to agree with everyone else. I want to create my own opinion of a story.

And with that last question, thank you for reading this book tag! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more! 

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Update #5

Hello again everyone! 
I just wanted to write this very brief update post to give you a sense of what's going on with this blog and also to talk about a new and exciting thing.

For the rest of this term (until end of April), my posting schedule is most definitely not going to be bi-weekly. I will try my best to post every 3 weeks, but it will likely be one post per month. Sorry for the slow down, but school comes first!

This blog now has a Twitter page
I want to use the new account to try and interact more with you guys. In addition to posting when a new review is out, I will be sharing updates about what I'm reading or what I hope to read. Furthermore, I plan to post book quotes from whatever it is I'm reading at the time that I think is cute, funny, or inspirational. Just little bits here and there to fill the void :)

So there we go! You are now up to speed with everything going on!
Of course, I there is still the Tumblr page and the Facebook page that will also give you updates to when the new reviews are posted, so don't forget to give those a follow and a like. 

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