Friday, 8 August 2014

Crossed (Ally Condie)

Crossed is the second book in the Matched trilogy and it is definitely as good as the first (perhaps even better if that's possible)! This book remains in the same genre as the first, that corrupted futuristic society that begins to fall apart; however, this one does differ from the first as it now follows the perspectives of both Cassia and Ky. When I discovered this, at first I was quite hesitant to see the change in writing, but as I continued on through the pages, I realized that having two perspectives is quite important to the dynamic of the story.
The Book Cover
The plot picks up roughly where the first book left off, and the action is there immediately. From the moment I started reading, all the way until the end, my heart was pounding from the suspense and unknown. Would Cassia survive or would her quick decisions have her caught in a bad situation? Would Ky find a way out or would he just become another statistic in the Society? I know I say this every time I review a series, but this time I truly can't say much without giving it all away.

What I will say is that I love the characters that join the "cast" in this book! Along the way you meet Indie, Vick, and Eli who are all brilliant additions to the already established characters from Matched. They add a new layer of what the Society has done and how their world was effected; it adds more dynamic to the story.

I would rate Crossed 5/5 because I couldn't put it down and it was definitely as good as the first! I was NOT disappointed for a second! I'm currently now reading the final book and I look forward to reviewing that one next week!

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